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Snowbird Planning

Why Might People Who Spend Time Both in the Northeast and Florida Need to Speak to a Lawyer?

Snowbirds may face special issues regarding taxes, homeownership, and long-term care planning. Any legal documents must be written or rewritten to address the legal requirements of each state where you are domiciled for a significant part of the year. You may also need help creating a plan that minimizes taxes, maximizes coverage, and limits risks. 


Michael is admitted to practice law in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida and works extensively with snowbirds who domicile in two states.

Services for Snowbirds

Couple at the Beach

The firm provides legal help in several areas, including:


  • Applying for governmental benefits

  • Minimizing tax liability

  • Applicability of advanced directives in both states

  • Applicability of estate and health care plan in both states

  • Multi-state probate services 

  • Addressing a New York state residency audit

  • Change of domicile and residency planning

  • Florida declaration for a Living Will  

  • Planning Around Florida homestead laws


Would you like to talk to an attorney who understands the issues that multi-state residents face?

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