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Private Fiduciary Services

What is a Fiduciary and When Should You Consider Engaging one?

A fiduciary is someone who holds a legal relationship of trust with one or more other parties. Typically, a fiduciary prudently takes care of money or other assets for another person. You may lack the time or expertise to take on these responsibilities on your own and need help. Elder Law

Fiduciary Roles

Michael Greenberg can act as:

  • A sole Fiduciary 

  • A co-Fiduciary with you

  • An advisor to you in your role as Fiduciary


Specific engagements draw on his experience and might involve his being:

  • The executor of you or your loved one’s Will and Estate.

  • A Trustee for a Trust that has been and/or is for the benefit of your descendants.

  • A Trustee for a Special Needs Trust for one of your loved ones

  • A board member of your family’s private foundation

Business Conference

For wealthier clients, Michael J. Greenberg, P.C.  can provide "family office" services for those who engage the firm for personal affairs management, including bill payment, managing insurance relationships, and maintaining financial records.

We will work with aligned professionals such as financial planners who are also assisting you. We make sure everyone understands the legal issues and is acting truly in your interest.   

If you are looking for help with Trustee and Executor Services, Michael Greenberg is not only experienced, reliable, and detail-oriented. He is also mindful of the extremely sensitive and sometimes painful circumstances that sometimes surround these relationships.

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