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Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Why Would a Happy Couple Consider a Formal Agreement Before or After Their Marriage? 

Partners are increasingly bringing complex additions to a marriage, including inheritances, business ownership, children from prior relationships, and even pets. Even the happiest of couples need to consider having a formal agreement in place when there is a large financial imbalance or children (either minor or adult) to consider. Otherwise, a dissolution of the relationship could get incredibly messy, expensive, and emotionally distressing. Through a pre or postnuptial agreement crafted by an experienced attorney from Michael J. Greenberg, P.C., you will gain some certainty around these situations. If the marriage does not work out, both parties should be in a position to exit as quickly and smoothly as possible.  Increasingly, agreements like these are being made for those who choose to live together but not formally marry. Elder Law

Benefits of Prenuptial/Postnuptial/Cohabitation Agreements 

  • Learning how your future (or new) spouse approaches finances and negotiations

  • Ensuring that separate business and personal assets brought into the marriage or cohabitation remain truly separate and protected through “division of property”

  • Protecting the support provided to a minor child brought into a parent’s new marriage

  • Preserving family inheritance for relatives (example, children from a first marriage in a later-in-life marriage)

  • Providing for a more amicable divorce or dissolution should that happen 

Signing a Contract

Michael Greenberg is a patient counselor who will meet with you (together and/or separately with your partner) for as long as is needed to understand both the financial situation and human factors involved. He then works diligently to draft and finalize a customized agreement with both of you.


Planning for the unexpected is a good idea in today’s complex world. If you agree,

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