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  • Michael J. Greenberg

Michael J. Greenberg Joins Calvary Hospital’s Professional Advisors Council

Michael J. Greenberg has been named to the prestigious Professional Advisors Council (PAC) of the Calvary Hospital. Since 2001, the PAC has supported the work of the country’s only acute care specialty hospital dedicated to the palliative care of patients with advanced cancer and other life-limiting diseases.

At Calvary, each patient is treated holistically, with love and respect, and not as a mere number or statistic. “Calvary is personal for me,” according to Michael Greenberg. “The staff was so humane in treating my father when his Alzheimer’s became terminal in 2016.

“As an attorney, I am delighted to be working with other professionals who share the same values and objectives,” said Michael. PAC members are volunteers from the legal, investment, accounting, insurance, and banking professions. Michael is joining just as planning is underway for the PAC to hold its first “Breakfast for Ethics” conference in person in the past three years. The breakfast will be this fall, focusing on a theme that PAC members will select and featuring a legal practitioner, litigator, and ethics expert.

For information on the 2019 Ethics for Breakfast conference:


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